jueves, 30 de agosto de 2012

Carmen Lomana vestida de sardina floral

Recuerdo mi cumpleaños
no por los años que cumplo
sino porque mi vestido
era de sardina espuma.
Ceñía la tela el cuerpo,
no asomaba la gordura,
debajo del malva plomo
iban mis abriles todos.

martes, 28 de agosto de 2012

Carmen Lomana sobrevive a su accidente de coche

No ha podido conmigo
un coche de alquiler
que quería trasportarme
al más allá que yo sé.
Aquí sigo disfrutando
en mi Marbella del alma
donde no me falta un ático
ni unas buenas amistades.

martes, 14 de agosto de 2012

Carmen Lomana gana millones con la lotería

Aquí me tienes de fiesta
vestida como una Reina
gracias a mi patrimonio
y a mis ingresos de jequesa.
¿Sabías que hasta gano
dinero en las quinielas?

lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

Maybelline Dream Soft Blush

I originally set off to buy 'Max Factor touch creamy blusher'. However when I got into Boots and eventually found the Max Factor blusher I was immediately put off as the blusher pot was just so small, it looked more like a lip balm pot rather than a blusher! I then had a browse round boots to try and find another cream blusher, when I came across 'Maybeline dream soft blush'.

---------- About the Blush ----------
I couldn't find much about the product on the Maybeline website, but this is what it says about the blush on the Boots website: 'Experience our first cream-whipped blush that kisses your skin with a touch of soft, natural colour.'

The blush comes in 4 colours: Plum, apricot, peach and berry.
I don't actually know what colour my blush is, as it doesn't state on the packaging, however I'm pretty sure I picked up 'berry', as I only visited a small boots store, I only had 2 colours available for me to chose from.

---------- Packaging ----------
The pot of the Maybeline blush is about the same width as the Max Factor one, however the pot of the Maybeline blush is a lot deeper, so you get more product. I really like the design of the packaging, and I think it looks quite expensive. It comes in a little glass pot with a pink screw on lid. There isn't a lot of information on the pot but I don't mind at all.

---------- Using the Blush ----------
Obviously this blush isn't the same as a normal powdery blusher that you normal get. Maybeline describes it as being 'cream-whipped', however if any of you have tried the maybeline dream matte mousse, it is not this kind of texture at all, I would describe it as lip balm texture and not as soft as a mousse foundation. However I find that the blush it still creamy and soft to touch.

When I first used the blush I used my fingers to apply it, however I found it quite hard to blend it in, and I looked a bit like a clown unless I rubbed my cheeks a lot. Next time I wanted to wear this blush, I decided to use a foundation brush to apply it, this might seem a bit odd but it applied wonderfully to my cheeks, a lot better than using fingers. I would say if you are looking to apply this product then use some kind of brush with soft bristles, just experiment and see what works best with you, I soon plan to buy a soft contour brush and a buffing brush so I think they could work quite nicely with this product. When applying this product bear in mind that you only need to apply a small amount.

---------- Results ----------
The shade of this blush (I believe it was 'berry'), looked lovely on my cheeks. Inside the pot the colour is a dark pinky colour, however when I applied it to my cheeks and blended it in, it was a more pinky peach colour. It was a bit shimmery which I liked, however it wasn't too shimmery so it looked like you had applied glitter to your face, it was very subtle, and it looked like I had a natural colour on my cheeks.

I'm not too sure about the staying power of this blush. I would say it's around 4 hours maybe, but when I use my primer it lasts a lot longer.

---------- Price and Availablitiy ----------
You can buy this blush from Boots for £6.49 for 7.5g of product, I think this is a very reasonable price, and I think this blush will last me a long time bearing in mind you only need to use a small amount per application.

---------- Overall ----------
Overall I love this blush, I wish I had discovered cream blushers earlier! I find this easy to apply with a soft brush, you only need a small amount, it blends well, and gives my cheeks a lovely pinky peach colour. I think it's better than powder blushes because I often find that powder blushes don't really show up much on me, however this blush does, however it looks natural and not like I'm wearing clown make up.

Will definitely repurchase.

jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

No me falta el amor con Sexy Tribu

El amor nunca me falta
desde que me he inscrito
en una web que se llama
Sexy Tribu y hay tribu
de señores con corbatas
que me miran y remiran.